Erasmus student placement (internship)

Within Erasmus mobility programme, students of higher educational institutions can take part in practical training in some of European organizations or establishments, which are among co-countries of life-long learning programme.

It is wonderful possibility to work in international environment, to enrich one’s CV (Curriculum Vitae) with an important statement and to come back to Latvia with new progressive ideas. During the placement students will get new professional skills as well as meet and make friends from other countries. To work practice within Erasmus programme is possible only once.

Besides students, who successfully finished the first course of study programme and undergraduates, whose training programme in Latvia expects work placement, can participate in Erasmus placement programme.

Students, who want to join this programme, should have good English, German or other EU state languages knowledge, good results in studies, as well as motivation for placement abroad.

Work placement abroad can last from 2 to 12 months (for college students 2-12). Students, confirmed in taking part in work placement, get scholarship (grant) that meets the cost for way, living, insurance and visa expenditure. The maximum size of scholarship (grant) is affirmed by European Commission, but Latvian students, who are going abroad to practise, their scholarship size is stated by Latvian Higher education establishments, based on students number and affirmed financial means. However, Erasmus programme insists, that scholarship discharges only a part of trip expenditure that is why students should find financial assistance in advance. It is very important to remember, that in case, the student in Latvia, has to pay for studies, then during his/her work placement abroad, within Erasmus programme, he/she is not released from paying fees.

Placement time is evaluated with European Credit Transfer System assistance, which is formed to estimate placement abroad fairly and objectively. ECTS means, that practical time abroad will be recognized as equivalent of work practice in Latvia, and will be evaluated in accordance with credit points-local system (CP). Before going abroad the student has to confirm his/her Director od study programme, that his/her chosen work practice will be academically recognised after returning. The student is responsible for arranging internship that meets the speciality demands, according to higher educational institutions study programme. After confirmation on employer’s agreement to take the student to his organisation or establishment for work practice, some necessary documents are prepared, so that student could start planning his/her trip. Accommodation should be found before the beginning of work practice by the student. The employer might advise some variants of accommodation.

Before going to practice to any of European Union country, should be drawn- up a tripartite agreement, which is signed by the student, Latvian higher educational institution and the employer. The Agreement contains Practice programme period, description of work, rights and responsibilities. If the student spent his practice time successfully, the employer gives certificate, where this practice time is academically recognised.