Teaching Staff Mobility

Teaching Staff Mobility  is a possibility for teachers, lecturers to teach in some of co-countries of life-long learning programme.

It is a possibility for lecturers to enrich world outlook, major contents of the course, get international experience. Aim of this exchange programme is to conduct cooperation of Higher Educational institutions, insure improvement of course contents, increase quality, let students, who can’t participate in this mobility programme, get advantage from knowledge and experience of invited foreign lecturers.

The minimum lecturing time is 1 day (at least 5 academic hours), the maximum time- 6 weeks. The trip lasts 1 week of 5 working days.

The responsibility for arranging possible Higher Educational institutions cooperation lies with the individual lecturer. To apply for grant, lecturer has to show invitation of corresponding Higher Educational institutions.

Before lecturer’s trip, all involved participants have to confirm their activities, and work out a teaching programme.