Intensive programme

Erasmus intensive programme is a short- term study programme, which is carried out by at least three different life-long learning programme participants of teacher and students from various higher educational institutions.

This programme is aimed at introducing new innovative knowledge about teaching, possibilities of skills development, access to information, as well as mastering a topic in International environment, where both students and teachers share ideas. They also share their creative interactive work methods in the process of work. As a result of this mutual work, new ideas how to improve curriculum contents and study process itself are produced.

On the agenda of the intensive programme are lectures, active discussions, team work and culture events in the evenings.

There are active study periods, when all the involved sides get new knowledge, impression, new friends.

Participants work within this project is evaluated by ECTS. Minimum Intensive programme lasts 10 days; maximum length of the intensive programme is 6 weeks.