Jānis Jurčenko

My training took place in MCDD (Mladinski Centre Dravinjiske Doline) that is one of the most important youth organizations in Slovenia. The Youth Centre is in a small town of Slovenske Konjice, but we lived some 2.5 km further in village of Dobrovlja.

A friend of mine helped to arrange internship. In this respect I appreciate Liene Štāle greatly for invitation and help in arranging work practice.

The only thing I had to do was to package my luggage, get into the car and drive to Slovenia. And as we travelled by car we had a lot of adventures. During these two months we got plenty of impressions. We took part in different activities, met a lot of new friends, and participated in projects of various schools, after placement activities. We organized a huge festival, presenting Latvia in Slovenia. The timetable of activities was very tough.

I advise everyone to take advantage of Erasmus possibilities. It is in extraordinary chance, which one shouldn’t miss. Because it gives the opportunity to improve language skills, to learn a new language and just to have a good time.