Erasmus IP 2013/2014 - Web information system design

Erasmus Intensive Program 
"Web Information System Design"

Program will be realized from 01.06.2014 till 14.06.2014

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The main aim of the IP is to develop an interdisciplinary approach to merge the methods of information and communication technology and social science to develop web systems with knowledge in art, psychology, and other related social sciences.

The IP is focus on information and communication technology and social sciences. Course will be based mostly using ICT tools as this is the main condition for the design and development of different web information systems.

Main activity of the course will be the lectures and practical activities in a computer class, and practicals outside classes ("open air" practicals). All practicals will be held to give practical experience and skills in web system design. Different social activities will be used to promote the cultural exchange, thematic evenings and excursions.

The work program covers the topics about Web information system design, basics of color theory, psychology.

The value of this IP is corresponds to 7,5 ECTS. By completing fully programme and meeting all asked requirements participants will receive the IP certificates on the basis of which in each partner institution will be performed recognition of this study module (fully or partly) depending on national rules.

Working language – English

Financial costs - Accommodation, meals and lectures for students will be covered from ERASMUS IP funds. Also, depending on state, following travel costs (except private car) will be covered/refunded for course students and teachers:



Max. travel costs per participant


University of Applied Sciences

50 EUR


Vytautas Magnus University

50 EUR

 Important: please reserve some private funds for your own expenses that are not covered by this project (souvenirs, shopping etc.).