First International Week

In the Alberta College from May 22 to 26th was held the first international week, in which students and lecturers, as well as other education workers could participate in guest lectures and round-table discussion.

This year speakers from 3 EU countries gave guest lectures. Were presented Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia. Covered areas were law, media, tourism and business.

Special respect of students earned guest lecturer from Slovakia, Paneuropean University. His lecture was on topic "The Law of the media and the law of advertising (from the perspectives of public law)."

During the International week was organized info-seminar on Erasmus opportunities in the Alberta College. Erasmus coordinator Elina Cerina presented application process etc. E.Ceriņa said: "I was happy that seminar attended so many students. This means that the processes go slowly but Erasmus has a future in the Alberta College".

During the seminar former Erasmus students Katrīna Dimanta and Juris Gogulis shared their experience. Their stories inspired students and motivated to look for placement and study places.