Intensive programme
Erasmus intensive programme is a short- term study programme, which is carried out by at least three different life-long learning programme participants of teacher and students from various higher educational institutions. This programme is aimed at introducing new innovative knowledge about teaching, possibilities of skills development,... Read more
First Erasmus IP program in the Alberta College
On of the examples of fulfilled projects new experience got in Erasmus projects. From 18 to 31 March, 2012 took part in carrying out Erasmus intensive programme „Innovative management methods in Social Sciences”, where 30 students and 8 teachers from Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia took part. During... Read more
Erasmus IP 2013/2014 - Web information system design
Erasmus Intensive Program  "Web Information System Design" Program will be realized from 01.06.2014 till 14.06.2014 Course application forms: Student application form: Travel details form: Course materials: Lecture materials: Excercises:: The main aim of the IP is to develop an interdisciplinary approach to merge the methods of information and communication technology and social science to... Read more