Sandra Majevska
My study exchange through ERASMUS was amazing. I got opportunity to take part in Centerhotels practise in Iceland(Reikjavik). I had never thought about practising abroad, but i heard so many of my friends and other students that around expierience is amazing. I though “ why not”... Read more
Katrīna Dimanta
Katrina tells the following about the Erasmus programme: „My Erasmus experience is fabulous. It is impossible to reveal everything…. I wish everyone to experience such adventures.” Katrīna introduced photo story and a video to the contest, „Me, Myself and Erasmus” and won the 2nd prize.  Read more
Kristaps Šapirovs
To arrange internship was helped by Liene Štāle from C group and college administration. We spent work practice in the youth centre of Slovenian town, Slovenske konjice. We went there by car VW. Though the journey was long and tough, it was interesting. Sometimes we... Read more
Jānis Jurčenko
My training took place in MCDD (Mladinski Centre Dravinjiske Doline) that is one of the most important youth organizations in Slovenia. The Youth Centre is in a small town of Slovenske Konjice, but we lived some 2.5 km further in village of Dobrovlja. A friend of... Read more