About Alberta College
Alberta College is an educational institution, which administrates the first level of the highest professional educational programmes related to different specialities (Higher School laws Part 2, Article 10.1). It is higher education that might be got after secondary education.Internationally recognised diploma of basic professional level can... Read more
Possibilities within Life-long learning Erasmus programme
Life-long learning Erasmus programme (European Region Action Scheme for Mobility of University Students) has been already realized and it is on of the most popular programmes of both students and teachers exchange. The programme is aimed at improving the quality of higher education, cooperating of higher... Read more
What is Erasmus University Charter?
Erasmus University Charter (EUC) is written document issued by European Commission. It gives the right to higher educational institutions to participate in activities of Erasmus Programme. The Charter strictly determines basic principles and main directions, which should be followed in the process of carrying out any... Read more
Grading system
Grading system. Degree of achieved study results is assessed by 10-point degree system or PASS/FAIL. 10-point Degree System Achievement level Grade Meaning Approx. ECTS grade very high 10 izcili (with distinction) A   very high 9 teicami (excellent) A high 8 ļoti labi (very good) B high 7 labi (good) C medium 6 gandrīz labi (almost good) D medium 5 viduvēji (satisfactory) E medium 4 gandrīz viduvēji (almost satisfactory) E/FX low 3-1 negatīvs vērtējums (unsatisfactory) Fail   Read more
VISAS and residence permits
Visas (if needed) and residence permits for persons interested in studying in Latvia are acquired as part of the application and enrolment process. Based on a positive assessment of the applicant’s education documents provided by the Academic Information Centre, and a successful enrolment application, the... Read more
Health insurance
Each student must be aware that it is mandatory to be covered by health insurance for the entire planned period of stay in the Republic of Latvia. The health insurance policy should guarantee coverage of expenses associated with health care provision in the Republic of... Read more
Alberta College has developed an excellent cooperation with several universities in Riga, which offers to stay in comfortable dormitories. Latvian University dormitories non-UL students: Riga Technical University, student hostels, tel. for information: +37167089395, +37167089041, en/    School of Business Administration "BAT" dorm phone. for information: +37167617543 / eng... Read more